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The Los Angeles Times highlighted local farms, with videos of the farms and their produce, as well as photos of their farm animals.

Brightwater Senior Living in Highland is a beautiful retreat from the busy world, with a well-kept garden full of old trees. Visitors and residents alike will love the amenities of the property, including a pool, spa, fitness center, pool house, tennis courts and golf course. Senior citizens in Brookdale Senior, which lives in Los Angeles County, are giving local and foreign seniors hope for the good life. Seniors in Brookdale can stroll through the sprawling garden, visit the beauty salon, read in the facility's extensive library, or shop at the local grocery store.

Residents can meet friends in the bistro and café, go to the wellness centre, work out in the fitness centre or meet friends in bistros or cafés. Heritage Gardens offers private and semi-private rooms, and seniors can share the living room with a friend to keep company and save money. Mission Commons also has a pool house, tennis courts and golf courses, as well as a spa and gym.

To be eligible, caregivers must be resident in California and have state disability insurance through their employer, or be resident in California and receive wage compensation without pay or leave. Many different services can be authorised under the IHSS, including health care, mental health, social services and medical care. People living in assisted living, nursing homes, assisted living facilities or nursing homes are not eligible for DHS.

While other major cities in California, including Sacramento and San Jose, have slightly higher costs than Loma Linda, costs in nearby Los Angeles are $103 lower than in Lomas Linda. In San Francisco, where the difference in home care costs was $476, it was 11% lower than the state median. Prices are higher in other major California cities, including San Diego, Sacramento, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, where costs are $1,144 higher than in Lomita, and San Bernardino County, where prices are $2,071 higher.

Bakersfield has the cheapest assisted living, but the cost in Loma Linda is $350 higher. Prices are higher in other major cities, too: seniors in San Francisco and San Jose pay $2,000 more a month than those in Lomas Linda. There is no difference in the cost of home care for San Diego and Los Angeles seniors, and there is no difference in the cost between the state's median and the median cost of Lomita's home. Seniors in San Francisco pay more than twice as much as San Mateo County seniors and $1,500 more a month for the same care as in Sacramento.

The Visalia area has the cheapest home care in California, with seniors there paying $191 less a month than in Loma Linda. By contrast, seniors in Santa Rosa pay $2,362 a year for adult day care, $694 more than those in Lomas Linda and $1,867 more for child care. We found no difference between the state median and the median cost of Lomita's adult home in the Hanford area, where seniors pay only $867 a month, $800 less than the national median, but $850 less in San Francisco and about $901 less for Lomasinda. And we found a significant price difference between seniors in San Jose and San Mateo County: $3,000 more in Los Angeles and Loma Linda and a difference of $4,500 in Bakersfield.

The median cost of assisted living in Loma Linda, the state's second most expensive district, is $3,525, about $1,000 more than the national median of $2,500. The median price for assisted living in San Jose, San Mateo County and San Francisco is nearly double that of Lomas Linda.

Napa has $1,430 more than Loma Linda, and the Santa Cruz area has a median price of $2,500 more for assisted living than the national median. While Los Angeles is almost as expensive as Los Angeles, nearby San Diego is the second most expensive district in the state, with $3,300 more a month.

Seniors in Loma Linda pay $1,000 less a month for assisted living than the state's median. Genworth's 2018 Cost-of-Care Study shows that day care for adults in Lomainda costs about $2,500 a month, which is below the California median but more than double the national average. The median cost for a one-bedroom apartment in the Santa Cruz neighborhood is about $1,668 a month.

The median age distribution is about the national average, at 45.5 years, but 43.7% are children under 18 living with their parents. Of the households, 27.1% lived with married couples, 40.3% were non-family, 12.0% had a housekeeper without a husband and 43% (7.6%) were single parents with children under 18 years of age living in the household.

The racial composition of the city is in line with the national average, with a median age of 45.5 years and an average income of $44,000.

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